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Mithulal Bishwakarma is a retired Gurkha soldier of the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Regiment which is currently based in the barracks of 36 Engineer Regiment in Maidstone (UK).  After retirement, he has been following the footsteps of his forefathers and is their third generation to continue their lucrative jewellery business in abroad after owning and running a jewellery shop called ‘The Gurkha & Barah Jewellery Shop’ in Aldershot since 2008.  His jewellery shop carries a holly religious name of a Nepalese Goddess called ‘Barah’ and is the first one ever established in Aldershot by a retired Gurkha who is a very honest, reliable and trustworthy gold merchant.


The Gurkha & Barah Jewellery Shop is integrally associated with the Baraha Jewellery Industry Pvt (Ltd) which was first entrenched in Dharan in 1988 and it was then just a very tiny beautiful town in the whole eastern region of Nepal.  After the relocation of a British Recruiting Camp from India to Dharan circa 1959, this sprawl suburb of Kathmandu became the ultimate home for many serving and retired Gurkhas circa 1980.  The Barah Jewellery Industry is the first gold jewellery merchandise to have its own showroom of many standardised and certified gold products in Nepal.  In order to fulfil the growing needs of many customers, the production service of the Gurkha & Barah Jewellery Shop was first started to explore its business from Nepal to Hong Kong circa 1973.

We have the technical ability to provide a wide range of gold curving and engraving services to both young and old Gurkha alike who are currently resided in the UK, although the younger ones tend to come up with their own savvy jewellery designs of some marbles and stones whereas the older ones tend to choose some of our existing jewellery designs that are traditionally suitable for their tribal outfits.  To enshrine our skilful ability, we have an special in-house goldsmith team to make some jewelleries and ornaments within few minutes or hours immediately after receiving the orders from our customers. If the making of any elegance jewellery or ornament becomes impossible here for some reasons, it will be made ready for collection here in the given time as ordered after sending away to Kathmandu (Nepal) at our own expense.  So far, we have not let our customers down after pioneering and revealing some new quality and elegance gold jewellery designs.  Thus, we must say that we have been very successful in our business after earning the trust of every customer within a short period of time.

If anyone wants to find out more about our shop and its products, please browse our website or visit the shop in Aldershot or call us after dialling our mainline tel no: 01252409272.

Finally, thank you for your time and we look forward to provide our best service to everyone.

The Gurkha & Baraha Jewellery Family


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Mithulal Biswokarma

Founder & CEO

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